Door Controls


<b>FLOOR SPRING Universal floor spring</b> The <b>FLOOR SPRING</b>is a highly adaptable floor spring suitable for all standard single-, and double-action doors with widths up to 1100 mm, with its closing force individually regulated by means of an adjustment screw. Certified manufacture to ISO 9001. <b>FLOOR-CONCEALED DOOR CLOSER </b> The <b>floor-concealed door closer</b> offer adaptability to almost any installation. The closer's compact body permits its use where a larger closer would be prohibitive. Versatility allows installation in thin slab concrete subfloor construction. A wide selection of interchangeable spindles makes the floor spring suitable for virtually any floor covering or threshold application.



<b>DOOR CLOSER</b> Rack-and-pinion door closer with scissor arm and "thinking" backcheck Specially designed for internal doors, including fire doors, the <door closer</b> is a universal solution for doors of differing designs and styles. The flat and compact format of the door closer means that there are practically no problems with installation and tried and trusted quality is your assurance of reliability. Certified manufacture to ISO 9001. <b>DOOR CLOSER</b> Door closer with scissor arm and "thinking" backcheck Decades of experience have gone into the development of the door closer. The result is user convenience coupled with outstanding versatility. It can be adjusted to suit almost all types of door. The door closer can even be supplied with additional anti-corrosion protection for exposed applications or aggressive conditions. Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.